2 Common Indicators of a Broken Furnace that Needs Replacing

a man checking the furnace

One of the contributing factors to increased electricity bills is using an old or damaged furnace. The furnace becomes less functional over time, thus requiring more energy to keep it running. If you are uncertain whether your furnace has been consuming more power of late, you can compare the old bill, when the device is new, with the current ones.

Also, identify the furnace that is in need of replacement on time to avoid incurring unnecessary repair costs, adds an expert form Desert Star Heating and Air, a Riverton-based HVAC company. Some of the common indicators that you should look out for here include:

Physically Damaged Furnace

A broken furnace poses a potential household danger especially in the case where the heat leaks into other parts of the house. If the heat exchanger has developed cracks, it can produce poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide, and electrical noise that pose a health hazard in the affected household. Thus, it is advisable to replace the old equipment before it leads to more harm. But always have a licensed HVAC contractor do the replacement for you to ensure proper installation.

Furnace Exceeding the Expected Lasting Period

An electric and gas furnace can last for a period ranging between 16-20 years. A furnace that has stayed for long without replacement tends to be less efficient and can easily breakdown than a new furnace. Besides old furnace consume much energy than the new one thus increasing the electricity bill. Therefore, there is a need for a replacement to reduce the cost of energy consumption.

As always, once you determine that your furnace has become less functional, consult a furnace repair and replacement specialist to determine the extent of damage, advises an HVAC company in Riverton. It is also advisable you get quotes from different HVAC contractors and check how other property owners rate their services to know how best they will handle your broken furnace.