2017 Home Trends for Your New Home

Nice house design

Are you building your new home in the coming fall? Before you even begin construction, you may want to reconsider your plans and include the home design trends featured below. Not only do they keep your home up to date on the latest home trends, but you can also make your home more beautiful.

Custom homebuilders here in Minneapolis such as Homes by Tradition can even help in making all of these features and the rest of your new home a reality.

Goodbye White, Hello Color

To start, all white interiors used to be the rage in recent years to exude a minimalist style. Nowadays, however, homeowners have been craving for more color in their homes. Brown, green, and blush have all been warming the interiors of new homes this 2017.

Alternately, pastel colors such as dusty blue, pink, and orange have been coloring homes too.

Goodbye Minimalism, Hello Maximalism

Minimalism, mentioned previously, used to be the dominating principle when it came to general home design. Today, however, homeowners have gone from minimalist homes to relaxed maximalist homes.

People now want to maximize the spaces that they live in; they want to be comfortable yet have functional living spaces that can cater to all their needs.

Goodbye Technology, Hello Retreats

Besides comfortable but functional spaces, homeowners now also want retreat spaces to unplug and distance themselves away from digital technology. You can dedicate a similar space in your home. The bedroom can be a great space for a tech-free dwelling.

You can also dedicate a different space in your home if you want.

Hello Floor and Ceiling

Now, it is time to think of the floor and ceiling. You can match the home design features above with terracotta tiles that have continued to be a popular trend for flooring. Terracotta adds a sense of warmth and character to spaces.

At the same time, you can add tile, color, wallpaper, or some other accent to your ceiling.

You can add all or some of the features above in your new home’s plans. Now go remodel your home!