3 Best Ways to Manage Rat Infestation at Home

Rat traps

Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not really in your home. Most of the time, it is difficult to tell when rats are present at home until it is too late. If you suspect rat infestation, it is best to get professional Edmond pest control service as soon as possible.

The Disadvantages of Rat Infestation

There are many reasons you would not want to have these rodents around. Most importantly, rats can indirectly harm your family’s health in many ways. Rats are known to transmit deadly diseases such as salmonella and Hantavirus through their urine, saliva, or droppings.

Rat dander or dead skin cells that mix into the air can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Moreover, rats can infiltrate your home and gnaw on just about anything in your property including electrical wiring, woodwork, and insulation.

Getting Rid of Rats

Rats multiply fast. According to Discover Magazine, a female rat could give birth to up to 2,000 descendants in one year. Therefore, you must get rid of them immediately. The best way to get rid of rats at home is by professional pest control. However, these tricks could also help.

1. Use Mouse Traps

There are different types of mouse traps available online and in local shops. Some mouse traps feature electric shock that kills rats and mice in seconds. Other traps allow you to catch the mouse alive.

Regardless of the type of mousetrap, you should never hesitate to invest in at least six traps. Also, position the traps to areas where rats frequently go, but do not place them out in the open. Check the traps at least two times a day. If a trap was not able to catch a rat for a few days, then you should change the bait or its location.

2. Seal All Entry Points

Check your home for possible entry points. Seal cracks and holes that would allow small rats to fit through. Sealing all entry points prevents other rats from getting into your property as you work on reducing the number of existing rats at home.

3. Cut Food and Water Supply

The main reason rats stay in your home is the availability of food and water. This is why it is a must that you leave them no access to these basic needs. Cover trash bins at home and dispose of garbage every night. Also, keep food in covered containers.

You have to call professional exterminators for large infestations or if none of the traps work. You don’t want to waste time because rats reproduce fast. More rats at home mean higher chances of getting sick and damage to property.