3 Creative Ways to Use Copper Planters

Move your plants to copper planters

Authentic Provence, a provider of European-style garden antiques, shares that homeowners should consider buying antique copper garden planters because they are the most versatile decorative pots that can be used in and out of the house. Here are three creative but very easy ways to decorate your home and garden with these lovely planters.

1. Cluster

Arranging a cluster of different sizes of antique copper planters add depth and scale to a space. Despite having the same antique look, the different sizes break the monotony. If you want to use multiple planters without making your garden or your indoor plant collection look too uniform and repetitive, using different heights, sizes, and styles will do the trick for you.

2. Combine

Copper planters are very easy to work with. They look great on their own or with a combination of other pots and planters made with other materials. They are also the best type of decorative planters to use for eclectic, rustic industrial, and modern vintage designs.

3. Contrast

The weathered, antique finish of a copper planter is a lovely contrast to vibrant and colorful blooms. Likewise, when you dot your home or your garden with small copper planters containing herbs and fragrant plants, they exude an ultra vintage look and add a lot of charm to the space. You can also juxtapose a copper planter with other antique-looking pots to create a contrast in texture and color. It is all about old meets new – garden style. It is all also about using these lovely antique copper planters to create that charming and sophisticated old-world feel in and out of your home.

Defining your indoor and outdoor design with antique copper planters is an excellent way to infuse your style with uniqueness. These antique pieces can look bold or subtle, making them the truly versatile design pieces you need for decorating the interior or exterior of your home.