3 Design Tricks to Create a Hotel-Like Bedroom

A hotel room with 2 bedsMake your bedroom feel like a hotel room and give yourself a relaxing treat every day. Not only will you enjoy having a beautiful sanctuary to come home to at the end of the day, but you will also feel more relaxed and rested.

Update your room furniture and equipment

Use a beautiful pair of bedside tables to flank the bed and lampshades on both sides to illuminate the space. Keep tables clutter-free for a clean look. If you have existing furniture to go with the setup, refinish it or repaint it to make it fit the style you’re going for.

A heating and cooling system is also important. Have an energy-saving heater and AC installed by an HVAC expert, such as Superior Heating & Cooling, to keep you warm and toasty during the winter, and cool and comfortable during the warm weather.

Make the bed

Matching neutral colored sheets, fluffy pillows, a swanky styling of smaller pillows, and duvet – put all these elements together, and you’re on your way to fixing up a 5-star bed of your own. Other accessories that you need are a mattress topper and skirting to cover the box of your bed.

Clean your windows, walls, floor, and ceiling

Clean your ceilings and light fixtures. Make sure your ceiling lights are working and get light casings for naked bulbs to improve the look of your lighting design.

Keep wires out of site and the floor free of clutter. If you have wooden floors, cover an area with carpet to give it a softer and warmer feel.

Wood baseboard molding adds an elegant touch to the room. Framing your walls, doorway, and windows is a simple trick to get that posh look. Paint your walls and moldings in the same color or contrasting neutral shades to glam up the room.

Creating an expensive looking bedroom doesn’t need to cost a lot. With these three design tricks, you’re sure to get a hotel-like room for a fraction of an overnight stay. The best part is, you get to enjoy it every day, so investing in quality bedroom furniture and keeping a simple yet elegant styling are key elements in creating a dreamy room.