3 Factors to Consider When Planning for Timber Stairs for Your NZ Home

Timber StairsMore often than not, staircases are the focus of home renovations. They determine the final look of the building’s interior design. Being a functional feature in your home, your visitors will likely notice the staircase first. You cannot leave the design of your stairs to chance.

What factors come into play when planning your staircase, so you create a timeless, breathtaking centrepiece?

Style on style

You can choose one style, or play with two or more styles should you need a unique look to complement you interior décor. If you like it simple, square spindles and newels are the most appropriate designs. If you want a more traditional look, you cannot go wrong with using flute style spindles or barley twists.

Using timber stairs from Ackworth House will enhance the design of your NZ home, and add elegance to your interior décor.

Get the measurements correct

Every millimetre counts when installing staircases. Before acquiring a staircase, get accurate measurements. Decide if you want the stairs to run against the wall or be open on both sides.

Finishing matters a lot

Think about the type of finish, its purpose, and the installation specifications you need to follow. This applies whether you are planning for either metal or timber stairs, or a blend of the two materials.

Ensure your staircase installation adheres to local construction permit laws and state building regulations. Also, ensure there is enough space around staircase in walkways and around doorways for people to move around the stairs.