3 Handy Tips and Tricks When Buying a Condo


For the majority of people who plan to buy their own condominium unit, the price is undeniably their primary consideration. Yet, this shouldn’t be the only factor that they should base their decision on.

When searching for reviews regarding real estate companies on reliable online resources such as caviteproperties.com.ph, ensure that you reflect on other factors, too. These include the following:


As condominiums come with a variety of amenities, expect the price to be higher than other property types. Common amenities include function rooms, swimming pool, kid’s playground, and fitness gym. Determine if the cost you will be paying matches the overall value of amenities being offered to you.

Population Density

You also have to be wary of the population density, which refers to the number of people for every available unit area. For condominiums, this means the number of tenants sharing those amenities with you. Obviously, more residents mean less space accessible to you. Ultimately, the more people living in the same condo lead to more inconvenience, as you have to wait for your turn to use the amenities you paid for.

Rules and Regulations

As a tenant, you have to abide by the rules and regulations applicable to all tenants of the building. For instance, some condos forbid their residents to own pets. Some only allow you to use the common area at certain times of the day. Be mindful of the condo rules and regulations before buying to avoid any surprises once you move in.

By basing your decision only on the price range, you will end up getting a condo unit that you’ll probably regret in the future. Ensure that you think about the factors mentioned above to find a unit that fits your needs, preference, and lifestyle.