3 Practical Ways to Prevent Ice Dams

ice dam

Preventing ice dams can save you the expenses and inconveniences that come with repairing and replacing a roof. Maintaining your roof well during winter would address such a problem. However, this would only work if you have the time and the know-how to manage it. What are some of the ways to prevent ice dams? RTD Ice Dam Removal has the following answers:

Remove roof snow

Ice dams form when the snow on your roof melts, usually due to the heat from your house. While you can always remove the snow yourself, working with the right experts is advisable. This is because do-it-yourself removal would be risky, particularly if yours is a multiple-storied home. It can also lead to damage to your roof, especially if you would be using ladders, hammers, and chisels. In case you prefer using chemicals, choose products that would not damage the roof and are safe to the environment.

Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation in the attic is among the most effective ways to prevent ice dams. Heat build-up in the attic occurs when the room’s intake and exhaust are not working reliably. This heat build-up melts the snow on the roof, causing ice dams. Since proper attic ventilation might not be enough, it is important to eradicate the heat sources in the attic. It pays to minimize the heat escaping your living space to the attic. Increasing the insulation of your attic floor would do the trick.

Clean the gutters

Gutters come handy when it comes to draining melted snow. When they are clogged, however, drainage becomes impossible. It is always important to clean your gutters before winter. Removing leaves and debris would keep the gutters and downspouts working at optimal efficiency.

Maintaining your roof on your own in the winter can be demanding. Since it is necessary to remove snow immediately, particularly after a heavy snowfall, it is advisable to seek the services of a snow removal company.