3 Reasons Your Sprinkler System is No Longer Serving You Well

Residential Water Sprinkler

The lawn sprinkler provides great convenience to many homeowners. It serves as an irrigation system to lawns, landscapes and even crops, which is essential to their nourishment and growth. That’s why it can be irritating when problems start showing up.

Luckily, the majority of these issues could be avoided. To do that, it is a must to identify where the problem is coming from so it is easier to address it. Utah Sprinkler shares a list to help you start.

Uneven water distribution

Brown spots or patchy growth is a common indication of uneven watering of a lawn. This is mostly due to incorrectly installed sprinkler in which the head is set too low or too high. Because of this, the water is not distributed evenly.

Water pressure isn’t enough

Does your sprinkler barely spray any water into the lawn every time you turn it on? Then it may be probably because of low water pressure. This can be resolved by adjusting the water pressure going through your system and ensuring that the valves are fully open. Just avoid setting the pressure at a high level because it may drown your lawn.

Water isn’t flowing to the sprinkler

If the water is not flowing through your sprinkler when it is supposed to, this could be because the sprinkler heads are clogged. Over time, soil may accumulate on the surface of the system, which may block valves responsible for releasing the water. To avoid experiencing this issue, you must constantly clean and examine the system to remove any debris that might get stuck on the sprinkler heads and the nozzles.

Make sure your lawn is watered properly by keeping your home irrigation system in its best condition. Regular checks and maintenance are necessary to prevent issues or malfunction.