3 Simple Hacks to Make Dish Washing Easier

woman washing dishes

Whether you despise it or you don’t mind doing it, there is no way around cleaning dishes. After all, all that dirt is not going to magically disappear overnight because the plates decided to clean themselves.

If you want more time to relax and less time doing this task, there are ways to make the experience smoother, and maybe even a little faster. BC Industrial Services, the leading provider of dishwashers, shares three hacks for washing dishes.

Use Your Dishwasher

Bet you saw this tip coming from a mile away, but while many households already own a dishwasher, most people still opt for the highly advanced, cutting-edge technique of “washing by hand”. Kidding aside, you shouldn’t feel guilty about running your dishwasher because not only does it make cleanup easier, it also uses less water. This decreases your home’s carbon footprint and saves on utility bills.

Keep A Bowl of Soapy Water By The Sink

A good way to keep the mess from getting out of hand is to clean as you go, so think of this hack as a little extension to that. If you have a small basin, fill it up with hot soapy water after cooking or before dinner time. You can just drop all the used tools and utensils in it. It will prevent clutter from the bottom of the sink and gives you a head start on dishwashing.

Be Sure To Maintain Your Dishwasher

Running load after a load of dishes in your washer will eventually wear out your cleaning companion. To help maintain its optimum performance, be sure to clean it and do repairs every once in a while.

Cleaning dishes doesn’t always have to be such a tiring task. If you have the right equipment, go and make the most out of it. If you have to wash by hand, put on some fun music or a podcast, so you’re also doing something you enjoy.