3 Small Design Changes with a Big Impact on Your Bedroom

decluttered bedroom

Home is where the heart is, and nothing can tell you more about a person than his or her bedroom. This is why most people take the time to design their bedrooms in a way that reflects their personality and is as comfortable as possible for them.

So what can you do to improve your bedroom’s aesthetics? It is actually simple.


Even if you have a large bedroom, items tend to pile up and most people have the tendency to just leave them wherever they see fit. This is, unfortunately, bad for your surroundings. Clutter makes your bedroom look unpleasant. Cleaning out unnecessary objects can instantly turn your room from messy to chic in just a few minutes. In fact, most experts agree that keeping your floorboards visible and your surfaces clean can make any tight room look spacious.


A small room can look bigger with adequate lighting. Of course, if we are talking about the bedroom, bright lights may not be the best way to go. Go for lamps with a dimmer that can help set a relaxing mood. Or day and night roller blinds that will let you control natural lighting. You will be surprised to see how big the effect this can have on your space.


It is basic knowledge that white stands for purity and cleanliness, which means choosing this colour for your bedroom can give it a clean look. But this does not mean you should stick to white forever. Dark colours can provide the right accent to make bright colours stand out even more. A small amount of dark colour mixed with a predominantly white room can create motion and contrast between the elements.

Try these tips to improve your room’s look and if you do things right, you can expect a happier and more fulfilling life at home.

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