3 Ways to Cut Down Your Household’s Energy Use

Solar panels on house roof

According to research, a third of all households in the U.S. face a challenge in paying their energy bills. Electricity is the main driver for most of people’s basic needs. It’s possible to live without it, but it’s better to have it. You need it for lighting, cooking, preserving your food, heating your house—the list goes on and on.

Cutting down your energy use doesn’t require drastic measures. For one, you can install custom blinds that double as insulators to prevent heat loss and reduce heating requirements during the winter, recommends Classic Home Dallas. When it comes to optimal energy bill reduction, you’ll need to implement such a method together with other energy-saving approaches.

1. Insulation

Take your insulation game to the next level by going all out to prevent your house from losing heat during the cold season. While these improvements might cost you a lot of money upfront, they’ll raise the value of your house and increase your chances of selling. Most buyers prefer a turnkey unit that doesn’t need any upgrades.

2. Appliance Energy Rating

You should only buy appliances that have a 5-star or B+ and above energy rating. This rating indicates that these appliances consume less electricity. Upgrade your old appliances such as your water heater, refrigerator, AC unit and others that use the most electricity. Switching to LED bulbs can also help you save a significant amount in lighting costs.

3. Go Solar

Solar energy is an infinite energy source that’s absolutely free, so why don’t you use it to power your household? The initial outlay for solar panels installation is manageable. You’ll need an inverter to convert the solar power to electricity and a solar battery to store the extra charge. Choose a company that offers a comprehensive solar installation package so that they can handle all aspects of the solar system setup.

Finally, avoid having too many unnecessary kitchen appliances, as they consume energy to do things that you can easily do by hand. You can also curb energy wastage by air-drying your dishes instead of drying them using the dishwasher.