3 Ways to Prepare Your Gutters for the Winter Season

A house covered in snow

The winter season is harsher than the stormy days to your gutters. Storms may have stronger winds, but they tend to last for only a few days. Winter, on the other hand, lasts for months. That means your gutters have to bear the weight of snow stuck to it.

Your gutters will end up sagging due to the weight of the snow, and they might even fall. Double T. Inc and other experts say that there’s no better choice than getting emergency rain gutter repair service in Utah. Before the snow season even strikes, you should already prepare for the onslaught.

Clear Up Your Gutters

Removing the clutter in your gutters sounds so simple. However, it is actually difficult. You are going to need a long ladder and a hand trowel for this.

It pays to place newspaper below the gutters as well. You can simply scoop the debris and let it fall down. To clean up, you just need to pick the newspaper you spread down the gutters.

While you clean your gutters, look out for holes, rust, and other problems. Apply sealant or create a patch for the holes later on. For the rust, cut the affected parts and place a patch.

Check Attachment Points

Your gutters should be well-affixed to the ends of your roofing structure. Are some parts sagging? Loose screws might be the reason. Tighten the screws as needed to prevent sagging and even falling.

Prepare Needed Tools

De-icing cable, pantyhose, and a pack of ice melters are three basic tools that can keep rain gutter repair at bay. With the said tools, the heavy snow isn’t likely to damage your gutters due to ice dams since they will melt even before they group together. To use a de-icing cable, put it in your gutter in a zigzag line. Plug it in when there is a large sum of snow to melt.

The pantyhose and ice melters are easier to use. You just need to put the ice melters inside the pantyhose and throw it towards the snow. Use this combination to the snow on or surrounding your drainage as well.

Aside from your gutters, you need to do some preparations for the other parts of your home like the roof and pipes. In case you still encounter problems with your gutter during winter, call a professional to repair it, but be considerate of the weather. If it is still snowing hard, you should wait a bit more before calling.