4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Old Water Well With Pulley and Bucket

While the idea of owning a spectacular yard is appealing for every homeowner, many people have no idea how to create one. Fortunately, you can successfully create a landscape that will improve your home’s curb appeal, as well as make people stop and stare.

Authenticprovence.com provides some tips to guide you.

Create a container garden

A creatively built container garden can make your home more welcoming. Go for ornate Vase d’Anduze planters to add a touch of elegance to the garden. Choose an arrangement that works best for your landscape. If you’re looking for a dynamic feel, then go for a zigzag arrangement.

Upgrade your pathways

Do you want to welcome your guests in style? Start by using an attractive material that blends well with your landscape. You could go for brick or choose flagstone. Read magazines to get an inspiration on design, shape, and texture. One of the best things about this project is that you can do it yourself in less than a day.

 Focus on your front entry

After the yard, your front entry is your perfect opportunity to make a great impression. Replace any broken knobs or locks. Clean any dirt and polish all door fixtures. Repaint it or go for a custom hardwood door to add character and personality. Install an attractive wreath for extra curb appeal.

Install new hardware

If your door number, mailbox, or lighting features are starting to look out of date, it may be time to replace them. You can find numerous modern options that are not only elegant, but also functional.

Owning a home you can take pride in is one of your best accomplishments in life. By doing simple projects to upgrade your home’s exterior every day, you’ll soon enjoy the experience of living in a better home.