4 Fun Patio Covers

Backyard Patio

Having patios installed gives us designers-at-heart a chance to create what we’ve always wanted with outdoor home designs. Choosing the material for the patio floors maybe the first thing we want consider, but an equally fun thing to do is choosing the cover. Let us explore possible covers that will complete the look of our outdoor relaxation spot.

Integrated roof

An integrated roof is ideal for places with harsh sunlight and frequent rain. This roof can be made to match your house’s existing roofing system, creating a seamless look. Using an integrated roof also gives you more options for adding light fixtures. You can even add a ceiling fan. Stratco roofs come in the classic corrugated look or a trapezoidal profile. They can even be spring curved.


A pergola in itself is already a statement. Getting a pergola with a light filter, however, gives you the benefits of style and added function. Homeowners enjoy the shade given by the pergola’s beams and have some protection from sunlight given by the light filter.  Lights can also be hung from the beams to give your patio a magical look at night.

Fabric shades

Fabric shades can give patios an ethereal look. They are also great for those going for an oriental touch or a resort-like style. Homeowners must consult experts, however, or do research on choosing the fabric appropriate to their area’s climate. Make sure to consider rainfall amount and that fabric colours will fade over time due to sunlight.

Canopies or umbrellas

If you really want a resort-themed patio, and climate permits it, you can go for huge umbrellas or stylistic canopies. They are more accessible, can be easily installed and can give you freedom to switch to other covers when you are in the mood.

Those who prefer uniform themes can get covers that complement their patio floor. Meanwhile, those who prefer unconventional designs can get covers that add an unexpected element to the patio’s overall look.

Hope you have fun choosing a cover for your patio!