4 Furnace Maintenance Tips That Will Lower Your Energy Consumption

Woman stressed with bills

Keeping your house warm especially in chilly weather is a must. The warmth and coziness, however, come at an added cost, which in some instances can be a huge electricity bill. Worse still, you wouldn’t want the furnace to break down when it’s needed most. Proper maintenance practices will ensure the system works correctly and remains energy efficient. How do you do it?

Check and clean the filter regularly

When the furnace is not in use, dirt tends to build up on the filter. It should be checked at least once every month. You can either replace or clean it, which is the case for permanent installations. On the same note, a professional should inspect the furnace regularly. It is easy to find and schedule a visit with a furnace repair expert in Draper, such as Airtime Heating & Cooling.

Check for leaks

Leaks cause heat to be lost on the way. As a result, you will end up using more energy to heat up a room, which translates to higher electricity bills. Check, listen and test the pressure and consistency of the air flow through the ducts. If you suspect leaks, seal them immediately.

Replace old or inefficient furnaces

Today, you can get a furnace that is up to 98.5% efficient. This means that only 0.5% of the energy goes up the chimney. Aim to have a furnace that is at least 90% efficient. Sometimes, the cost of replacing the furnace may be worthwhile in the long term as it lowers the energy consumption cost.

Insulate the house

You may have an efficient furnace, but the heat gets to the wrong places such as the attic, basement or unused rooms. To avoid this, ensure the house is properly insulated. This will ensure the heat stays where it is needed and for long.

Heating accounts for 60% of your energy consumption. When the furnace is working efficiently, this will not only lower the bill but will prolong its life.