4 Signs You Need to Call the Roof Repair Guys

Man fixing his home roof

The roof is an integral part of your home, which is why it’s important to keep it in perfect condition. To do this, you’ll need to know the exact signs of an impending problem and address it even before it worsens.

Higher Energy Bills

American Home Contractors notes that ever increasing energy bills is a good sign to call in roofing services in Fairfax County. This is especially true if there are no changes in your use of electricity or the rates offered by the power company. Chances are, some of the heat or cold seeps out of the house — thereby requiring you to up the ante with the thermostat. If you feel as though you need more heat or cold just to stay comfortable, perhaps the problem is with your roofing insulation.

Cracks and Curves from the Outside

The inside matters, but you should also consider how your roof looks from the outside. Try going out of the house now and then and view your roof from an outside’s perspective. You should be able to notice any irregularities. Have it replaced by an expert. You should know that roof maintenance helps keep your home value positive, so it’s actually a great investment.

Exposed Metals

You might also notice any untoward glint from the roof — a good sign that there are exposed metals. In many cases, this is a simple matter of painting the surface with anti-rust material to prevent rapid decay.

Water Stains, Moss, or Mold

Water stains are a sure sign that moisture is somehow seeping in through the roof. In some cases, however, the water stains aren’t visible, but there’s enough moisture there for mold to grow. If left alone, this will cause damage to the roof, not to mention the danger of spores breathed in by the family members.

Do not wait until the signs become too obvious to ignore before calling in the experts. Left alone, these roof problems can mean a more expensive replacement for you.