4 Signs Your Heating System Needs a Repair

HVAC Repairman

Most people don’t pay attention to their heating systems until it is the middle of winter and the entire system just stops working. It is stressful to have no heat during the coldest parts of the year, but the truth is you should have been paying attention to your HVAC unit.

Even before your heating system conked out on you, it had been showing signs all year round telling you need to hire a heating repair service in Utah right away. Whipple Service Champions says it’s time to get in touch with a professional to check out your heating system if you observe the following:

1. You hear loud, strange noises.

Heaters naturally make some noise as they operate, but it’s easy to differentiate what sounds are normal and what aren’t. If you hear any whizzing, clanking, groaning, scraping, squeaking, banging, or other strange sounds, your heater either has damaged parts or a soot buildup that prevents it from working properly.

2. You sense the air quality drop.

If your house feels dusty even though you’re a clean freak, or people in your house suddenly start coughing or wheezing, a damaged heater may be transmitting mold and mildew into the air. Call an HVAC cleaning service, so that you won’t compromise you and your family’s health.

3. You have spikes in your energy bills.

A dramatic increase in your electricity consumption may mean your furnace is using too much energy just to provide the same amount of heat into your home. Keep an eye on your monthly energy bills so that you know what to expect. If you see sudden increases, you may be using more electricity than you should.

4. You keep turning up the heat to no avail.

If you keep on turning the temperature higher and higher without reaching the comfort you want, it’s an obvious sign that your heating system can no longer work efficiently.

By paying attention to these telltale signs and addressing them right away, you can ensure your home stays warm during the cold months without you having to pay unreasonable amounts for heating.