4 Simple Ways to Boost Security at Your School

A close up of a green chain link fence

When parents leave their children in your hands, they trust you to keep them safe throughout the school day. With the recent rise in violence in schools, however, keeping everyone in your learning institution safe has never been harder.

But there are many simple things you can do to dissuade criminals from targeting your school. Here are some of them.

Maintain your fence and gates

A strong fence and a robust metal fence gate can help secure the school compound, deterring any intruders that may threaten the safety of those inside the school. Regularly check the posts, hinges and locks to ensure they are in top shape. Replace any broken parts to keep the fence in good condition.

Involve everyone in observing security

When criminals target your school, your students and employees face the greatest risk. Include experts in training the different stakeholders in your institution on how to respond in case of a security breach.

Advice everyone to promptly report any suspicious activities they spot so that the relevant people can take appropriate action.

Conduct background checks before taking anyone in

Many organizations insist on thorough background screening before employing any one. Do the same when recruiting staff or enrolling new students. Avoid accepting people that have a history of violence, bullying, or other criminal activities.

You want to be sure that you are dealing with peaceful, sincere and responsible people.

Invest in a reliable school security system

Engage a competent security company to install security cameras, alarm system or provide trained security personnel to deter criminals from targeting your company. Few criminals are ever willing to target an institution where they know you can catch them.

For learning to take place well in your institution, it is crucial that your staff and students know they are safe at all times. By doing a few simple things, you can guarantee the safety of those placed under your care.