4 Smart Ways to Reduce Glare in Your Conservatory

Red and white awning

So you love to spend time in your conservatory browsing through a book or simply watching TV. That can be deeply relaxing — unless, of course, there’s glare in the room. Then reading becomes hard work. And watching TV with the glare bouncing off the screen isn’t so pleasant.

But, what can you do about it? Well, there are several solutions to glare actually. Here are four of the best ones.

1. Invest in an Awning

Awnings are popular among many homeowners, and for a good reason. This supplemental roof or cover effectively controls the intense exposure of the summer sun and heat. Awnings come in a variety of materials, including cloth, vinyl and aluminum.

A reliable awning company in Massachusetts should help you decide what works best for your taste and budget.

2. Install a Window Film

A window film can help reduce glare by a great margin, besides helping cut out the amount of heat in the room. It’s a simple and elegant solution that helps you keep the look and feel of your conservatory. There are several grades of film on the market, so clients can’t lack options.

3. Consider Blinds

Blinds are another good solution to the sun’s glare. You simply need to pull them when the sunshine becomes unbearable and retract them when there isn’t glare. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor views when you close the blinds, but at least you do get to enjoy your TV.

4. Re-roof the Room

This might seem like an extreme move, but it’s a solution nonetheless. If what all that glass does is let streams of hot, bright sunshine beat down so much that it melts the tiles on your floor, then you might want to replace the glass with something else like, say, steel.

The glare of the summer sun can be unbearable and unwanted. Fortunately, there are many easy but effective solutions you could turn to so as to make spending time in your conservatory an enjoyable experience.