4 Smart Ways to Save on Water Consumption

WaterWater is a limited resource, so it makes sense for homeowners to save on their consumption and do their part in saving the environment. But this doesn’t mean you have to do without it. Following are some tips you can lower your water consumption without reducing your quality of life:

Adjust Your Garden Maintenance Setup

Experts from Utah Sprinkler suggest that residential sprinkler services in Salt Lake City, Utah should be able to maximize water without racking up the water bill. There are different sprinkler heads to choose from depending on the spread and volume of the water you use. You can also automate your sprinkler system and adjust them based on the weather.

Don’t Let the Water Run

Take short showers and use a glass when brushing your teeth. Many people keep the faucet on while brushing their teeth, wasting precious water. Grab a glass and fill it with water to rinse your teeth after washing. The same goes for showers. When using shampoo or lathering your body, it’s best to turn off the shower and turn it back on when needed.

Pee in the Shower

This might seem icky, but the toilet uses loads of water each time you flush. If you need to pee and you’re already taking a shower, why not let it go right there? It also helps if you do not flush each time. Instead, scoop some water using a large bowl and pour it in the toilet. That rinses off the pee but still uses less water than flushing.

Harvest Rain Water

Do not let all that free water go to waste. Grab a big drum and install it under the gutter so that it accumulates all the rain water running down the roof of your home. Cover it with a tight lid to prevent mosquitoes from feasting on them. When you get the chance, skip the watering hose and use your rainwater for the plants.

On a final note, always check your water bill for a sudden spike in the numbers, which may be indicative of existing leaks in your water line. By doing so, you can immediately find what needs repair and avoid further waste of valuable water.