4 Things That Can Cause Pipe Blockages

Plumber at work

Utah residents are familiar with sewer problems. It is only in mid-2016 that strange green foam was seeping from sewers. When you find yourself flushing down the following items, you may need to call a plumber from Orem immediately:

Prescription Drugs

Due to their size, it is easy to accidentally drop your pills down the drain. However, if you must dispose of your medicine via the sewer, then you had better look at the FDA's list to see if it is safe to do so. If you want to dispose of medicine that is not on the list, consider using medicine take-back programs nearby. 


Hair may seem too delicate, but as any plumber will tell you, a good number of pipe blockages are due to hair accumulation. It only takes a small build-up of hair to render a pipe impassable. Check the drains and sewers regularly for any build-up.


Homeowners often don't think twice about disposing of paint through the drains. However, whatever passes through the sewer line may eventually find its way into the environment. Dispose of paints and other chemicals correctly to avoid causing environmental harm.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts can also pose a serious problem to a drain or sewer. First, they contain dangerous chemicals that can harm the environment. Second, the butts and the accompanying ash have the potential to clog the drain as they accumulate. 

If you are experiencing blocked drains or sewers regularly, check what you are pouring into the system. To prevent further damaging your pipes, it is best to call an expert.