4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Silhouette of a roof builder

Your roof plays a big part in keeping your home livable and viable as an investment. This is why you need to pay attention to its condition. When it comes to maintenance, it pays to find a roofing contractor who can offer excellent service.

Here’s how.

Know If They’re Covered by Insurance

An ideal roofing contractor in Maryland must have worker’s compensation; otherwise, you shouldn’t hire them. While the chances of injury are low, you can eliminate the risks completely by ensuring that your roofing contractor can compensate their employees in the event of accident or damage.

Go one-step further by looking at the certificates of their insurance and confirming that their job is covered.

Work Within the Insurance

Your insurance company should also work well with the roofing contractor. Ideally, the insurance company for your home will first assess the damage and settle on the amount they’re willing to pay off. Your contractor would be working with this amount.

Do not sign any contract until and unless there has been a confirmation with your insurer regarding the work to be done. A roofing contractor that pressures you into signing a contract before this is not a good choice.

Better Business Bureau

A registration in BBB is a good sign you are dealing with a reputable contractor. It’s even better if their rating is above average. While registration is not a guarantee of excellence, it’s definitely a good starting point and should help narrow down your options.


Do not jump into the first contractor who knocks on your door. The marketing technique of knocking into homes and offering their services may seem good at first, but be sure to do the requisite background check to verify their status. Local roof contractors are always a better choice.

There are many roofing contractors today, but not all of them are good choices. Screen each one and ask for the opinion of other homeowners before making a decision.