4 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home

Warm home

A significant amount of energy consumption at home goes to heating. If you can find ways to keep your family warm throughout the year while cutting back on energy usage, you can save on energy bills and help conserve the environment. Here are some practical and affordable lifestyle changes that will keep your home warm in the future:

Use timber flooring

Compared to other floor materials, wood can keep your home warmer all year round. Use timber for your stairs to get the same effect, as well. Wood is a preferred building material for many homeowners in NZ given that it has the ability to retain warmth.

Make the most of your curtains

Your curtains can serve more than just a part of your house’s décor. During the day, when there is sunshine, draw them back to let in as much warmth into your home. In the evening, shut the curtains to insulate the warmth inside your home while keeping the cold air outside.

Move items away from the radiator

Any furniture you place close to the radiator absorbs the heated air it gives, which is a waste since this air could be circulating freely and warming your house. Rearrange the furniture to avoid this from happening. Ensure that the curtains are not near the heat source, as well.

Seal cracks and openings

Inspect your home for cracks and openings so that heat won’t escape and let cold air inside. Seal all these openings, especially around your door and window frames. Doing so will help keep your home warmer and avoid overworking your home’s heating system.

Keeping your home warm may be one of your most essential needs, but it doesn’t need to be complex. Explore the many simple strategies you can apply to keep your family comfortable and go for what works best for you.