4 Ways to Survive a Kitchen Renovation

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So, you’ve been planning this kitchen remodeling project for months, and it’s finally happening. All the ideas you’ve put together are now going to become a reality. But, losing your kitchen while it’s getting a makeover can be a challenge, especially if you have kids who need school lunches and snacks prepared.

Serenity Kitchen and Bath believes that having your kitchen remodeled in Fort Wayne should be a worry-free process. Here are four tips to help you survive your kitchen renovation.

Set up a temporary kitchen

You can use your garage or some shaded space in your backyard. A simple table where you can brew coffee or prepare a salad bowl would be enough. Just make sure that it’ll be out of the construction’s way.

Only take the appliances you can’t live without

You have to accept that your eating routine will be disturbed during the renovation. As such, only take the appliances you need and keep the rest. Whichever you choose, plan your meals around those appliances.

Use disposables

It’s probably a comfort for you to use a sink that you are very familiar with. But, during the makeover, you’ll have to be creative with dishwashing. You can use a basin and wash out back. If not, just use biodegradable plates and utensils.

Use your grill

This might be the most fun of them all. You could have a barbecue every night of the renovation. In case you didn’t know, your grill can do anything that your stove or oven can. Get your cast iron pans and heat some bread, cook your omelets, or even cook pasta and sauce.

Through all these adjustments, always remember the bigger picture. Not having a working kitchen for a few weeks will be worth it once you see the spanking new kitchen you’ll have after the renovation.