5 Eco-Friendly Tips on How to Turn Your Attic into an Extra Room

Quiet and comfirtable room with bookcase in the attic

The attic is one of the areas of your house that rarely sees attention. People just use it for storing things that they won’t be using for a while. Should the time come that you want to renovate it for other purposes, here are some eco-friendly ways:

Organize Your Stuff

Get everything cleaned up and re-arranged. Make a plan beforehand regarding the placement of things you have in the attic. Fit them in one side in such a manner that you can make space in the room to set up another room or a studio.

Remove and Recycle

If some of the items you have up in the attic are still useable, then start reviving and reusing them. Classify which you can still use and which are for selling or disposal. If they are beyond repair, try salvaging their parts before throwing them away.

Use All Natural Cleaners

Now that the clutter’s out of the way, it’s time to clean up the years of grime and dust that have accumulated there. While you’re at it, use organic cleansers instead of chemical ones. You can also look up various DIY solutions online to mix in your own kitchen.

Get Some Fresh Air In

While you normally want your attic closed at all times, opening it up once in a while can be beneficial. Having the place aerated inhibits the accumulation of mound and moisture. Just make sure that the weather is pleasant when you decide to open the windows.

Naturally Illuminate

Speaking of windows, let the sunlight in by consulting custom windows installation companies in Pleasant Valley to replace small windows or add a few more. You can also amp it up by installing tinted or decorative films.

Congratulations, your attic has now been converted into something more useful than a warehouse! If you need to put up a divider or a wall between your new room and the storage area then do so. Enjoy your new attic room and your future activities there.