5 Reasons to Make Weatherboard Cladding Your Next Home Improvement Project

Brick wall cladding

Brick wall claddingHave you been wondering why weatherboard cladding is suddenly all the rage among homeowners in many parts of the world? Well, this is one improvement project that lives up to the hype. Here are five top reasons everyone is doing it, and why you should too.

It’s a low maintenance project

Few projects are easier to install at home than weatherboard cladding. Fewer are more low maintenance. Your home gets to look gorgeous and clean regardless of the season with negligible maintenance on your part.

It’s one of the most durable upgrades

Weatherboards are available in a variety of highly durable materials that offer protection for your exterior walls for a long time. Traditionally, wood was the preferred material for this project. Contemporary designs now use fibre cement, metal, vinyl, and other materials.

Weatherboard cladding is the ultimate insulation solution

Keeping the home warm and comfy during the cold months is the number one thing on most people’s minds when winter starts to approach. With weatherboard cladding, you can permanently add a protective layer to your home, keeping cold air out and trapping in warm air.

It protects your home against various weather conditions

Your exterior walls are exposed continuously to the ravages of the harsh weather elements. As weatherboard cladding is extremely durable, it helps protect your home’s walls for a long time. Bare brick tends to get stained and damaged more easily.

Weatherboard cladding offers variety

Weatherboard cladding is available in over twenty colours and a wide range of designs. That makes it possible for you to choose what best suits your home. You also get to decide what material best fits your preferences.
With all its benefits, there’s no doubt that weatherboard cladding will only become more popular with time. If you’ve been looking to transform your home, this is the one project that you should consider this year.