A Childhood Dream: The Coolness of Automated Driveway Gates

Automated Gate

Since the advent of MTV’s television programs, Cribs and Pimp My Ride, there has been a slew of home and car improvement TV shows. We get to watch programs that show us that our dreams aren’t impossible from becoming a reality. Even as “ordinary people,” we have the chance to own the grandest of things, from cool cars to expensive homes.

One particular trend that’s defining coolness is automation. Today, there is such a thing as a “smart home.” A smart home is a house with hi-tech features, such as voice-responsive lights and automatic appliances to simplify everyday living. Tri State Gate, for instance, offers the automation of driveway gates. Comparing automated driveway gates to other types of gates, the former is an example of automation’s coolness.

Automation is Revolutionary

While the criteria of coolness can be subjective, any form of technological advancement is convenient. Convenience, meanwhile, is a manifestation of efficiency. Anything that is convenient and efficient is something people will both need and want, which is what automation has given us.

By automating the simplest of chores, like doing the laundry or creating reports, individuals get to maximize and save time. Time, ultimately, is equal to resources like money. From a business perspective, automation is most indispensable to operations.

Given the impact of automation on nearly anything and everything people do on a daily basis, it is more than conclusive that automation has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Automated Driveway Gates and Living Up to the Hype

Self-driving cars and automatic driveway gates were once imagined scenes from childhood, but they no longer are. Rolling up the driveway of your mansion, you can visualize stopping just in front of the gates and waiting for it to open without you stepping out of your car. As the driveway gates open, you get to feel like you’re Tony Stark or Barbie in your Ferrari.

Automated driveway gates may sound like a simple thing, but it can give us the feeling of success. It is as if we’ve already turned all of our dreams into reality.