A Few Techniques to Spare You from Termite Damage

Close up shot of a termite

Out of all the calamities that can happen to your home, termite damage is one of the gravest. Prolonged exposure to these pests —especially in older homes made of wood — can lead to weakened walls, beams or even foundations of houses. This can cost you hundreds— maybe even thousands — of dollars in repair and replacement.

Termite control services around Salt Lake City can provide immediate and affordable solutions for every home. But with termites, prevention is still better than cure. So before they tear a hole through your wallet, here are a few ways to prevent termites and termite damage:

  1. Termites main diet consists of wood, and naturally, all homes are surrounded by it. Applying a fresh coat of paint to old lumber such as walls and beams can cover up tiny holes and cracks, and prevent the small critters from burrowing in.
  2. Termites feed off of dead or rotting wood so be sure to discard of these away from your home to prevent the spread of damage. Dispose of fallen tree limbs, tree stumps or unused, old lumber around your home.
  3. Regularly check the nooks and crannies of your home for their presence.
  4. Water leads to moisture and termite love this. Repair leaks in faucets, pipes and exterior air conditioner units.
  5. Check vents and ducts for blockage, including plants.
  6. Keep the soil around your home dry via proper grading and drainage. Termites can also use gutters and downspouts to gain access to your home. Be sure to maintain these regularly.
  7. Pile firewood at least 20 feet from your home. This can be a potential food source for termites.

Being mindful of termite presence can lead to lessening them and in turn, the damage they inflict. You don’t want to be spending hard-earned money just to give these pests a home.