A Shopper’s Guide to Finding the Best Type of Mattress

Woman feeling a mattress in store

Many factors determine the quality of sleep you will get. The room temperature and your stress level and comfort are some of these factors. The most important factor, however, is the mattress you choose for your bed.

There are many mattresses you will come across in a mattress sale in Utah. Start your search at 2 Brothers Mattress and you’ll already face so many options. Here are the various types of mattresses you can choose from.

Innerspring Mattresses

These mattresses support the sleeper with individually enclosed coil springs. The ideal innerspring mattress should have a coil count of 390 or more. There are various innerspring mattresses on the market for every budget and preference.

These are the best mattresses for ease of movement when sleeping and are comfortable for almost everybody. Innerspring mattresses last for 5–7 years.

Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses consist of layers of varying densities of foam which respond to temperature and weight. They contour to specific body shapes and natural alignments for maximum comfort. By so doing, a memory foam mattress relieves aches and pains and reduces your pressure points when sleeping.

Most traditional memory foam mattresses, however, have toxic components. Plant and gel-based memory foam mattresses are the newer versions to counter this issue.

Latex Mattresses

Manufacturers make these with synthetic or natural rubber. Latex mattresses provide a bouncy and firm support uniformly distributed throughout the bed. Their expected life expectancy is not less than 15 years. Latex mattresses are however more costly compared to the other mattress types.

High-end air mattresses resemble standard innerspring mattresses but have air-filled chambers in place of coils. Spinal cord injury patients and other immobile patients typically use them. They help to avoid breakdown of skin as they can be adjusted to prevent prolonged pressing on one body part.