A Sparkly New Laundry Room: Minding this Corner of Your House

Lady doing the laundry

When it comes to renovations, the laundry room is often an afterthought. With master bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms to mind, it is only natural to forget the space for dirty clothes.

Often, laundry rooms sit in the basement or the darkest corner of the house. It’s just laundry, thinks the modern-day home-owner, why pay attention to that room? Yet despite these thoughts, most home-owners spend time doing their laundry.

Shouldn’t that be a good excuse for a renovation?

The laundry room is still part of the house, so you can’t simply ignore it. But where should you start?

Answer the Basic Questions

Your laundry habits will dictate the outcome of your new room. For instance, how frequent does laundry day come? If you do the laundry almost every day, setting up more than one hamper is better for organisation. If you need multiple baskets, the space should have sufficient storage to prevent mixing up of clothes.

You’ll also want to consider how you fold the laundry. This may indicate if you need a larger counter space or if a small table will do. You need to think about your own approach to doing laundry before choosing an overall style for the space.

Consider Style

Once you’ve sorted out questions over functionality, think about the style. This part includes the paint, title, wallpaper and accessories. If the laundry room stays in the dark corner of the house, you can experiment with colours and prints.

A laundry room location is not an excuse to abandon style. If the room is in the basement, it can still look nice. A basic paint colour such as white or yellow is a good finish for a bright laundry room.

Talk to a Professional

You may have the urge to do a renovation on your own, but consider how mistakes can affect the overall look of your dream home. The work must create the right look, feel and ambience, shares Million Dollar Makeovers, to add value to your property.

Renovations are better when you work with an expert. Professionals understand the general scope of a project. Their opinion and experienced hand ensure all aspects of the renovation will run smoothly. They can also offer solutions so you get more use out of the space.

Never take your laundry room for granted. When planning a renovation, always consider this little space in your list of priorities.