Adding Character to Your Garden with a Pergola

PergolaThe empty frames of pergolas may not look much on its own, but they can add character to your garden in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas to start you off with.

Fragrant Vines or Vegetables

The frames of a pergola are an ideal place for vines to grow and thrive. You can plant some beautiful and scented flowers, such as wisteria, morning glory, clematis and golden hops. The leaves can create a nice shade during the summer, and the flowers add aesthetic appeal to your garden.

If you want more productive vines around your garden, you can plant climbing vegetables instead, such as beans and pumpkins.

Secret Nook

Tucking a pergola among your garden’s trees and shrubs can create a peaceful escape right in your backyard. Add some wooden chairs and a coffee table and you have a place to have your morning meal or curl up with a book. Just Patios provide pergolas in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas that are ideal for this purpose. Their high-quality workmanship does not only enhance your whole home, but it also adds value to your property.

Extend the Indoors

You do not have to do anything else with a pergola if you find the perfect spot for it. A simple pergola outside a set of French doors, for instance, gives your home an elegant transition from indoors to the outside.

A Fun Sun Screen

A pergola can become a safe place away from the sun’s rays. Furthermore, its mostly bare structure gives you the freedom to incorporate how to use the shade of your home’s pergola. It could be with bamboo tops or curtains, for instance.

They may not look like much, but pergolas are a versatile addition to your home. You just need to use your imagination to come up with creative ideas.