Air Conditioning Problems: What is IAQ?

White man installing an AC unit

Your air conditioner plays a key role in keeping your home comfortable, especially during Utah’s hot summer days and even warm and humid nights. In fact, it can even keep the air inside fresher and cleaner than the outside, as long as you and the rest of your household use and maintain it properly.

The exact opposite happens when you neglect to take good care of your home’s cooling equipment. When your AC starts to malfunction, the performance of the entire system goes down, including its air filtration properties. Health risks and higher expenses can start from poor air conditioning. Utah and many states call this diminished indoor air quality (IAQ).

Why you should care about IAQ

Indoor air quality is the collective term for the effects of indoor air to a building’s occupants. When you make certain the air conditioning in your Utah home functions at its best, this means you and your family are at a lower risk of suffering from the effects associated with temperature, humidity, ventilation, and mold presence among others. It contributes to the protection of everyone in your household from health threats such as heat stroke, excessively dry air, as well as air pollution and contamination.

As such, a faulty AC doesn’t do much to protect you. In fact, it may just contribute to the worsening of indoor air. For instance, it may no longer filter the air properly and may bring in even more pollutants and contaminants around your home.

Higher indoor humidity due to a malfunctioning air conditioner

Another possible health issue that a malfunctioning space cooler is to increase indoor humidity. This can result from leaks in the air conditioner.

You have to make certain your home only has an ideal humidity level of between 25 and 55 percent. Beyond this, and family members who have allergies and respiratory conditions can experience an exacerbation of symptoms.

Always remember that your air conditioner is there to make your home more comfortable and livable. So as soon as it starts showing signs of disrepair, contact a repair specialist right away.