Alarm Systems: Maximum Security for Your Home or Business

a burglar prying open a glass door

Despite our progress as a society, crimes are still rampant. And one of the most common crimes in the US is burglary, which can be avoided with the help of alarm systems. Chicago, IL is no exception. We should all take the appropriate safety measures in our homes and work places before it is too late.

Alarm systems come in many styles, and which one you choose depends on what type you need. Here are just some of them and their respective benefits, as explained by Goldy Locks, Inc.

Hard-Wire Alarm System

This kind of system uses direct wiring to a centralized control panel. This feature usually helps eliminate false alarms. All door contacts, detectors, motion, and windows get wired in this manner as well.


  1. Its installation is permanent when building your home. This makes it part of the long-term added value in the construction of that house.
  2. Also, you do not need to replace its batteries. Its systems have a design that can be directly connected to the electrical wiring.
  3. It is quite easy to make a hard-wired alarm system to work and keep running after moving into a home that has it. This is because most companies only replace the panel and keypad. Everything else remains the same.

Wireless Alarm Systems

For this type, you will have the control panel, siren, and keypad in one location. It relies on sensors to communicate with the control panel through radio signals.


  1. The installation of wireless setup is easy and looks nice when installed.
  2. You can remove the wireless alarm system when moving to a new office or home. This applies when the system is yours and not leased.
  3. Its installation is less expensive. This is because technicians can complete wireless installation in a fraction of the time they would need for hard-wired alarm systems.

Monitoring Your Alarm Systems

You can upgrade your preferred alarm system by enabling monitored services that trigger an alert. The alert is then forwarded to proper authorities. Proper authorities include the police, key-holder contacts, or monitoring companies.

Do you need to heighten your home or work area security? Of course, you do. Find professionals who can keep you from worrying by installing a security system into your home or office.