Basic Garden Equipment

set of gardening tools in lush garden

Having the right equipment in the garden can make all the difference to its beauty, production and the amount of work involved.

A good garden maintenance service in Wimbledon, like Town and Country Gardens, can help gardeners who are just starting out by providing a comprehensive care package for the garden and supplying their own tools.

Spades, forks, rakes

There are any number of implements that can be used for tasks in the garden. Only a few are needed to get going and a garden maintenance service in Wimbledon is likely to supply all the tools needed.

The basic tools are a spade, a fork, a rake, a trowel and a pair of clippers. A wheelbarrow is also quite useful depending on the size of the garden and storage space. The quality can vary considerably when it comes to these items, as can the longevity. If someone is just starting out in gardening then a budget set will do but it is likely to need replacing within a year or two. Some higher priced models will last for many years.

Lawn mower

Choosing the right lawnmower depends on the garden, how often mowing is required, access to electricity and the physical capabilities of the gardener. If the lawn is mown by a garden maintenance service in Wimbledon, they can supply the mowing equipment and save the garden owner the hassle.

The decision to buy a lawn mower means choosing between electric and manual. Someone with a particularly large space might choose to have a ride-on mower but this requires storage and somewhere to charge the battery.


If there is space in the garden, it can be very handy to have a greenhouse, especially if someone wants to grow vegetables. Raising plants in a greenhouse can mean a longer growing season, better protection from pests for young plants and the ability to grow some items that are not usually abundant in the local climate.

Even if there is no space for the traditional glasshouse style greenhouse, there are plenty of smaller plastic models now which also do a good job of creating the right microclimate for young seedlings.