Bedroom Windows: Wake Up to Functionality and Beauty

Windows significantly affect the look and feel of a bedroom. The type of windows you choose makes the difference between the cozy warm place you look forward to or the cold, uncomfortable place you promise yourself to fix every night.

Modern windows are highly engineered to bring about the best combination of safety, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and security. This article highlights various options you have during the selection of a custom window for your Pleasant Valley home’s bedroom.

Double Hung Windows

These rank as the most popular type of bedroom windows. They come with double operations sashes making the control of air circulation in your bedroom easier. When you are not using them for a cool breeze in the room, their extra insulation helps in heat retention making the bedroom warm and cozy to sleep in. They are also ideal for kid’s bedroom since they come with staggered ventilation latches, which ensure that the windows do not open too much. This guarantees you the safety of your child while keeping their rooms well aerated.

Casement Windows

If you love watching your backyard from your bedroom window, then this is the best option for you. It comes with a crank at the bottom, which opens up as far as you want, or at any length in between. That means you can also easily regulate air circulation and heating in the bedroom making your home more energy efficient.

Bays and Bows

Although this is popularly used in the family living room, they are an excellent option if you have a spacious bedroom since they can take a combination of at least three inoperable or operable windows. This makes your bedroom an ideal place to read, watch TV, or to relax. It is also suitable for a child’s bedroom as it provides space where they can place their pictures, plants, or dolls.

To further, enhance the functionality of your windows and to uphold the aesthetics in the bedroom, consider window treatment. You may go for curtains, blinds, or window grids. In the end, you will have not only a useful energy efficient home but also one that is aesthetically pleasing.