Bitumen Roofing: Types of Products You Should Consider

two men working on bitumen roofing

Many commercial buildings nowadays are opting for flat roofs. These roofs have a subtle look and allow you to focus your clients’ interests on other elements that will boost your revenue like your brand logos and your products and services. Flat roofs are also inexpensive to construct and maintain and provide an outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

One of the popular material options for commercial flat roofing in Salt Lake City ;is modified bitumen. This material is compatible with asphalt compounds and shingles and strong enough to support foot traffic adequately. Here are some of the modified bitumen roofing products you can pick for your building.

APP Modified Bitumen

Atactic polypropylene (APP) is a propylene polymerization by-product mixed with asphalt. Unlike plain asphalt, APP modified bitumen can be stretched to about 50% of its original length without breaking. It’s sold in granule-coated and smooth forms and comes in varying thicknesses. It can be heat-welded or cold-applied on new roofs or in re-roofing.

SBS Modified Bitumen

Styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) is a rubber additive added to asphalt to create SBS modified bitumen. This roofing product can stretch up to six times of the asphalt’s original length, and unlike APP modified bitumen will revert to its original shape on relaxation. It can be applied using heat welding, cold-applied adhesives, and mechanical attachments. SBS modified bitumen comes in various colors to suit a range of surroundings.


Built-up roofs (BUR) consist of multiple gravel and tar layers. These layers create a watertight seal that protects your underlying roof from damage. Though BUR systems can be used alone, they are usually used with modified bitumen to create six or four-ply roofs.

These modified roofing products can be installed with a 3’’ or 6’’ slope based on your flat roof application method. There are now various coating options for modified bitumen roofing products to enhance their durability. You are hence guaranteed to find an ideal choice for your commercial property.