Build and Reinforce: Making Your Retaining Walls Stronger

Retaining Wall Service

Landscaping requires you to pay attention to the things that need improvement and beauty. And if you have a sloping section of land somewhere in your yard, you might want to include retaining walls in your plan. Should you already have it in your landscaping, the next most important thing to do is see to it that they are strong enough to last long.

Whether you have stone walls or wooden retaining walls bought in Waikato, there are some ways you can make your fortifications stronger. Here is a walkthrough of how you can make your retaining walls sturdy, thus giving them a longer life.

Start with the base

The foundation will be the basis for the strength and longevity of your retaining walls. They should not just follow the slope of your soil. Otherwise, they will slide down when the soil erodes. What you should do is dig deeper and place a horizontal plane or block underneath. This is where you will connect the walls before burying the foundation in the soil.

Manage the drainage

The number one enemy of retaining walls is water. It can create pressure and add weight to the soil, which may cause the walls to give in, especially if they do not have a strong foundation. At this point, you will have to reduce the amount of water going into the soil by creating a drainage system.

Add a “holder”

Holders are not an official term, but in this context, these are the materials that are placed horizontally underneath the ground to guard the upper and middle parts of the walls. These are somehow the anchors that keep the walls from falling apart.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you are planning to make your retaining walls stronger. Do not do things yourself; you should work with a reliable handyman to ensure things are in place.