Can You Salvage Flood-Damaged Rugs and Carpets?

a white carpet

If you’re looking to save your soaked rugs and carpets, it is important to know the source of the floodwater. If the flooding consists of runoff from the yard or clean seepage from the basement, you can save them by cleaning and drying them. If the source of flooding, however, consists of contaminated sewage water, it may be advisable to dispose of them for safety reasons.

Water damage authorities in Riverton, UT shares a few tips on deciding whether you should salvage or discard soaked rugs and carpets:

When Disposing of is the Right Option

If large rugs and carpets (wall-to-wall carpeting) or those with foam backing are soaked with contaminated water, discarding them is the best option. This is because having them professionally cleaned may not be worth the cost unless the carpets or the rugs have significant value.

Consult a Carpet Cleaning Company

When saving a carpet flooded with contaminated water, it is best to consult a water restoration or a professional carpet cleaning company. It is not advisable to decide or do the cleaning on your own. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is usually necessary for better results.

Cleaning and Drying Properly is a Must

Wall-to-wall carpeting and large area rugs soaked with clean rainwater are salvageable by proper cleaning and drying. For best results, it is best to have them professionally cleaned by carpet cleaning experts. This also brings the benefit of extending the life of your carpets and keeping your family safe and comfortable.

Avoiding Extra Moisture and Mold Growth

When cleaning basement carpet indoors, avoid doing this in the summer, as you’ll only add extra moisture to a wet area. It is best to remove it to have it professionally cleaned and reinstalled. If you cannot remove the carpet, you can use a wet or dry vacuum to dry it immediately as well as fans and open windows to circulate the air above the carpeting. Using a dehumidifier can reduce mold growth.

If you have flood-damaged rugs and carpets, it is best to trust the pros for all your carpet-cleaning needs. Talking to a carpet cleaning company can also help you determine whether it is worth it to saved soaked rugs and carpeting.