Carpet Cleaning: Which Method Suits Your Carpet Type?

Man cleaning the carpet

Dozens of cleaning companies in almost every city offer all forms of carpet cleaning methods. The major issue is what their differences are and which one is best. Anchor Water Damage and Restoration and other carpet cleaning experts in Sandy, UT explain the various carpet cleaning methods.

Host carpet cleaning

Also known as an absorbent compound, this method uses an attracting element to suck out soil and deposits from your carpet. First, your carpet is vacuumed, and then a wet absorbent that resembles sawdust is applied. A special cleaning machine is then used to agitate and buff the absorbent, which makes the soil on the carpet come out and get into the absorbent. Then later, the absorbent and the other deposits are vacuumed, leaving your carpet clean. It is best used on residential carpets.

Dry cleaning

This method is also referred to as absorbent pad cleaning or bonnet cleaning. Unlike what the name suggests, the cleaning is not completely dry. It works by first spraying a cleaning solution to attract deposits. Then a buffing machine with a highly absorbent pad at the bottom is used to eliminate the deposits. The process is repeated until the carpet is cleaned. This method should be used on carpets that are not too dirty but should not be used on face fiber carpets.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning

This uses an encapsulating cleaning solution combined with a special machine, which agitates the solution into the carpet fibers. The trapped soil is then removed using normal vacuuming methods. Any solution left in the carpet continues to work even after the vacuuming is done. As such, this method is recommended for commercial grade or low pile carpets.

For your carpets to last longer and in perfect condition, consult with your cleaning agent to see which method is best for your carpet type. You can also choose to use a combination of several methods for best results.