Carpet being cleaned

Why Having Your Carpet Cleaned is a Must

May 25, 2018 0

Are you guilty of doing your carpet cleaning without going beyond vacuuming? Vacuuming the carpet is undeniably a great way to get rid of the crumbs and dust that make it filthy. But, if you think […]


Build Your Dream House or Buy a New Home?

April 17, 2018 0

Saying goodbye to renting and hello to homeownership? The first — and most important — decision buyers need to make is whether they should buy land and build the house of their dreams or purchase an […]

Vacuum cleaning carpet

Keep Your Carpet Clean with 3 Simple Tricks

March 16, 2018 0

Despite your best efforts at keeping everything clean, your carpet will become the victim of spills, accidents, and dirt from the shoes. Although carpet cleaning companies in cities such as Kent can help you keep […]

Bed bugs

Telltale Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

February 23, 2018 0

It seems that bed bugs are becoming more common these days. While these little critters might be something that people tend to associate with downscale dive hotels, they seem to have been known to infect […]

HVAC system

Types of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Methods

February 15, 2018 0

Air duct cleaning is mostly a misnomer since the cleaning involves the whole HVAC system. Failure to clean your entire HVAC system typically results in recontamination of the ‘’clean’’ components. This is the main reason […]