Choosing Roofing Materials: Factors to Consider

A roof being repaired

Arguably, the roof is the most critical element of your house. While nobody likes the costs that come with roof construction or replacement, the function and aesthetics of a roof should ease the pain of the expenditure.

The performance, functionality, and style are the major factors that people focus on when planning a roofing project. But there are other critical factors that are often overlooked, which can make the difference between a successful and a failed roofing system. STB Remodeling suggests that you consider the following factors when choosing your roofing materials:

Roofing application

Whether the new roof is an addition to an existing structure or the roof is being installed to a new structure determines the materials that you will need. Unlike replacement roofs, new roofs offer a better and wider variety of materials that you can work with. There are no limitations, from factors such as roof structure composition to the roofing materials already on the roof. For replacement roofs, always choose something that effortlessly blends in with the existing structure.

The layout of your residential or commercial building

The architectural layout of your structure determines the roofing materials to be used. While asphalt shingles have a higher compatibility rate with a majority of home designs, tile roofing is recommended for historic home styles. In addition, some commercial buildings are best suited by a built-up roof, while others look best with a metal roof.

The surroundings

Environmental impacts play a considerable role in determining the roofing materials you will need. A humid climate, an ocean view, and trees over your house are conditions suitable for the development of algae, mold, and rust that will eventually affect the functionality of your roof. As such, choose materials that can handle the specific weather and climate in your area.

Identifying suitable roofing materials for your structure is half the effort. The other half lies in hiring a reliable contractor who will install an attractive and functional roof to your property.