Consider Rendering a House for a Quick Facelift

modern house facade

Sometimes, all that a house needs is a facelift to make it shine and glow. Most houses do not age well. The design and architecture by their nature date back to when a house was built. Rendering the exterior wall provides an instant facelift to the house’s colours.

One recommendation is TCA Rendering & Insulation, which provides an alternative method of updating your facade, with a water-proof silicone finish.

Tired Walls

There comes a time when brick walls look more drab than normal. It is hard to keep brick walls clean due to the different surfaces and densities of the brick and the mortar. In urban environments, these types of houses keep well inside, but the exterior not so much.

Using a water jet would be the fastest way to clean walls. However, that method would chip away more than just the soot, but also some of the grit and damage the wall. In terms of force used, there is no difference between a water jet and a sandblaster.

Alternatively, you can paint the wall, or you can put up a cladding or render. If you want to change how a wall looks, but don’t want to paint over it, you can render the wall to create a modern updated look.

A Technical Task

The process of rendering a wall entails a mixture of concrete and sand to the wall in layers. There are rendering mixes readily available. The different mixes also have different qualities, which help insulation and waterproofing.

The process itself requires some care to ensure that the render does not dry out too quickly, or that the water in the mixture does not freeze. It also requires two layers of material, much like a primer and a top coat when painting a wall.

The wall must be wet in order for the render material to adhere, and that the render should also have an even texture with no clumps. One could do rendering over a weekend. The layers could be done weeks apart, with no effect on the quality of the finished product.