Consider These Interior Design Trends for Your Home

empty room to be decorated

Every year, new trends in design and fashion emerge, and these are usually either improvement from the previous year or are technology-driven. This year, experts from interior design firms such as Starry Homestead say embellishments, statement rugs, and ice cream colours are some of the hottest trends.

That Extra Touch

The overly exaggerated puffy sleeves are now gone, but they cast a shadow on today’s design. Furniture pieces and fittings have use of them; otherwise, these would be removed as eyesores. Framed plants, leaves, and flowers, meanwhile, have replaced line drawings and prints.

Rugs remain welcome in a home’s interior, but what is distinct in modern design is the use of statement rugs. In the same manner, lighting has gotten an overhaul with new fringe shades. Foliage is also a welcome innovation. These are not just the potted plants that you commonly see at strategic corners of a house. Instead, these are plants that take centre stage on the wall or the kitchen.

Colours and Patterns

Browns and earth colours have passed as a trend. What is vibrant now are the so-called ice cream colours, which are like pastel colours but distinctly fruity. Colours like avocado green and other tasty gelato treats shout a happy note and are quite motivating.

One great thing about these colours is that you can have them mixed and matched. Banana yellow walls, for instance, can co-exist with pistachio green walls. Meanwhile, cement tiles with geometric patterns are also in nowadays. Alternatively, you can use geometric shape-patterned wallpapers.

Consider upping your home’s interior design game by incorporating any of these ideas. From bold wallpapers to unique paint colour combinations, do not be afraid to try new design ideas to shake things up.