Create an Industrial-Themed Home Office

Modern Office

If you miss the industrial design theme from your modern office, don’t fret. Consider industrial-themed furniture. Buy online for these and use some design tips to create one right in your home.

Start With The Desk

The main piece of your home office should be your work desk. You should consider the type of desk that best suits the nature of your work. If you’re a business consultant, a basic wood and metal table with slim pipe metal stands are good because of the extra storage space below and free legroom.

If you’re an artist, you may need a broad worktable almost the size of a dining table. In fact, you could start by browsing the dining table category. You should also get chairs that won’t cause discomfort after long hours. Most modern back-support chairs look good with industrial-style desks.

Choose the Spot

Find an area which can accommodate your work desk and still have abundant floor space around it. The idea is to create a minimalist, spacious feel. Your beautiful industrial-style oak desk should be the centerpiece.

Choosing an area near a large window will also help give the illusion of space. Large windows also provide lots of natural light. Alternatively, brick walls can offer a convincing backdrop for industrial-style furnishing.

Organize Your Stuff

You should organize your things to prevent clutter and mess. You can get an entire open bookshelf with wood and metal struts to arrange your folders and files. Use the leftover space for vintage objects like an Edison-inspired lamp to complete the look. If you don’t have a lot of things, you should get a vintage secretary desk which comes with a lid. Simply close the lid for a tidy look. A small pull-out tray is enough to fit your mobile inkjet printer.

Establish Processes and Work Hours

Another vintage item you can place on the bookshelf is a clock. Keeping the hours you work is important. It helps you schedule different parts of your work and helps promote efficiency.

Working in a home office, you are your manager and finance person. Keeping records of expenses and drafting out the workflow take some time away from your actual work but it is also essential in your work. Get an old school wooden-framed chalkboard that will fit right in the industrial-look. It’s a good place to scribble reminders and phone numbers.

Separate Work and Living Spaces

Differentiate your work space from your living space. It is important that your business does not affect your personal life. Treat your work space as a different room. One way is to shield your living area from your home office with a metal or wood panel which can be folded away whenever you need. It’s also your chance to shop for another interesting industrial piece.