Creating a Comfy, Homey Vibe: Which Type of Fireplace Is Right for You?

Modern Fireplace

A fireplace can increase the charm and warmth of any room. Comfort Solutions, custom fireplace authority in Utah, will be the first top tell you that. It can make your study, great room, living room or bedroom feel homey and welcoming. Fortunately, setting up a custom fireplace is not as expensive as before. The only problem you might have to face is the endless list of choices. Each type needs different venting, fuels and locations. Here are some of the most common types of fireplaces to choose from:

1. Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace resembles the appearance of hot coals, fire and embers without the actual flames. Even though it doesn’t have real fire, it can still offer heat. This type typically features a built-in heater to provide the same atmosphere that families get from real flames.

Electric fireplaces offer the benefit of easy installation. It will only need you to plug it into an electrical outlet. This is a popular selection for its versatility and safety.

2. Gas Fireplaces

Gas selections are pretty convenient for families only need to push the button to start it. Just a simple push will offer their residence actual flames that don’t require the effort or mess of wood and its resulting ash. You will need to connect this to your gas line for fuel, and you may need to install a vent, depending on its model.

3. Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning furnaces are the most common choice. They offer the wistful scent of wood smoke, plenty of warmth and flickering flames. You typically have to hire the services of professionals to build this type into your home. Additionally, your home must have a ventilation system and an entire chimney.

Say you already have a finished structure. You can just get a wood stove instead of the wood-burning fireplace as an alternative. You will still need a ventilation and chimney for this option, though. But, the installation itself will only require one or two smaller holes on your exterior wall.

Keep in mind that any fireplace you select will surely warm up your home and add a cozy feel to the room. As such, it won’t matter much which type of fireplace you choose as long as you maintain it to assure you and your family’s safety. All types are sure to be the magical touch you never knew your home needed.