DIY Interior Design Mistakes You Might Make When Decorating Your Child’s Room

Children's Room in Modern Home

Like a lot of parents planning to design their children’s rooms, what looks good in your mind isn’t always as good in reality. Poor hindsight, ugly colours, and bad design choices can sabotage your project.

Have a good plan before you decorate. Here are three DIY interior design mistakes you might make and how to avoid them.

Think Long-term

Remember that your children will not be children forever. Unless you want to keep redesigning their rooms as they grow old, your design must not be suitable only for the present. Think long-term.

A Sesame Street mural sounds great for your five-year-old, but will it still be attractive to him/her when he/she turns eight?

Instead of using cartoon characters as a design, use them as inspiration.’s Little Hall Project is a good example, using Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox as an inspiration for its rainbow-themed multipurpose hall.

Colours Complement, Not Contrast

Once you have the furniture out of the room and the floor covered, you’ll want to paint the room with pastels and light colours. Avoid harsh and striking colours – you wouldn’t want your children to wake up to the sun shining on a bright red wall. If you’re using multiple colours, make sure they complement each other.

Less Is More

When it is time to add furniture and décor, avoid filling every possible space. Putting too many toys or pillows leaves little room for anything else. Don’t overload the room. Instead, create a focal point and work around it. Invest in wonderful furniture pieces and consider different storage options.

Decorating your child’s room may sound like a fun project, but remember that your designs should not bother your child once he or she uses the room.

If you’re uncertain of your plans, it’s always a good idea to consult an interior designer first to help build upon the aesthetic you’re looking for.