Easy Ways to Clean Your Aluminium Doors and Windows

aluminum door frame

Having aluminium doors and window frames in your home can be beneficial to both you and the environment. Homeowners who have aluminium-made external doors in Suffolk can attest to the material’s durability. Some people, however, remain hesitant to have this in their home because they are not aware of how to maintain it properly. So, here are a few ways you can properly clean aluminium:

Use a Hose

You can always use a hose to douse both your door and window frames with water. You will be able to effectively remove any dirt and debris stuck in the corners, which can make your cleaning job easier.

Scrub and Vacuum

You might want to use a stiff brush when cleaning your aluminium windows. This will help you clean the surrounding areas of your windows much more efficiently. You can also opt to use detergent when scrubbing to inhibit the material from oxidation. You have to check the window sashes for any grit and dirt that have accumulated over the past weeks. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle that is just the right size as your window sashes to get rid of the remaining dirt.

Apply a Penetrating Lubricant

The springs on your doors and windows can become stiff over time. So it is highly advisable to use a penetrating lubricant so that it will function better. Spray on the spring locks found on your aluminium doors and windows to prevent any friction.

Properly maintaining your aluminium doors and windows is essential once you have decided to have these in your home. Although they offer a lot of benefits, they still need to be kept clean and maintained well to ensure that they will last for several years.