Effective Tips on How to Fix Common Dryer Problems

Clothes dryer

Dryers are a useful appliance in any busy household. They come in different types and brands, but all of them serve the same purpose — they dry clothes fast. According to Digital Trends, dryers have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years when they’re properly maintained. However, problems could begin to appear once they reach their fifth year.

Gas Dryer vs. Electric Dryer

According to ImproveNet, the breakage rate of gas dryers by the time they are five years old is 7% to 21%. Electric dryers have a lower breakage rate, which is from 6% to 15%.

Electric dryers use heating coils to dry clothes, which need more energy to operate. However, the maintenance cost for electric dryers is lower because replacement parts are inexpensive. Gas dryers operate using gas burners, which translates to lower energy consumption. Maintenance cost, however, may be expensive because they often need a pilot light fix and professional servicing.

Signs of a Broken Dryer and How to Repair

Here are some common signs that mean an electric or gas dryer needs a repair.

  1. It’s making strange noises. A noisy dryer often indicates a broken belt or worn bearings. A belt replacement only costs $10, but professional servicing could cost $200.
  2. It wouldn’t start. It’s possible that the heating element or the thermostat broke down. The cost of a thermostat replacement is around $50, whereas the heating element is between $35 and $100.
  3. It doesn’t dry clothes. Get professional dryer repair in Millcreek because this can be due to several reasons. Have a technician check the main cause of the problem.
  4. Either it wouldn’t shut off or it shuts off early. Check the timer or the switch. If it shuts early, it’s also possible that the heating coil or thermostat is broken.
  5. It wouldn’t heat properly. Check the heating element if it’s working properly. A broken fuse may also be the culprit.

Dryers should undergo routine maintenance to keep it in excellent condition. If a problem occurs though, it is best to address it immediately and correctly by calling a professional technician.