Energy Efficiency: Starting Inside Your Home

Electricity bill and lightbulbs

Saving energy at home is not just about using your appliances less often. While this does help, it pays to know that you can save both money and electricity in almost every area of your abode. Start by focusing on the most critical places for reducing heat loss and gain year round.


Regular maintenance helps make sure that your heating or cooling system is in good working condition. Air conditioning service providers in Jacksonville suggest installing a programmable thermostat, which can lower energy usage when you are sleeping or away from home. Installing a ceiling fan is also a great idea, as it can help increase your energy savings.

Windows and Doors

Heat loss usually happens through doors and windows. This makes it important to detect and prevent air leakage by applying caulk to window frames and door trims. The US Department of Energy also notes suggest using weather stripping to seal air leaks around movable components like doors and windows. You can also install energy-efficient windows if you have extra money to spare.


A properly-insulated home does more than lower your energy bills. It can also improve indoor air quality and make your abode more energy-efficient. Make sure that leaky areas such as attics, exterior walls, electrical outlets, and crawlspaces are properly insulated. It also pays to choose insulation materials that are suitable for the specific area.


One of the best ways to keep your appliances running efficiently is regular maintenance (which involves cleaning). In most cases, it is also better to replace old appliances. If your fridge, for instance, is more than 15 years, replace it with a new model that uses less electricity.  When shopping for appliances, be sure to look Energy Star label, which means that they can help you save energy and money.

Making your home energy efficient will allow you to reap big savings in the long run. It can also improve the overall comfort of your home regardless of the weather/season.